The Ultra-GRIP® studded membrane is used in rehabilitation or new work for the protection of concrete structures (tanks, basins, aqueducts, sewers, pipes, etc.)
Ultra-GRIP® is available in HDPE – PP – PVDF – ECTFE depending on chemical and temperature constraints.
Two stud heights: 13 and 19 mm. The height of the studs is independent of the thickness of the plate.
The membrane is 2 to 12 mm thick.
Ultra-GRIP® is extruded in sheets or rolls. As manufacturing is carried out continuously, the supplier can offer rolls up to 5 m wide and 50 m long without welding.

Rotational molding • Installation on slab – Above ground

The plates are assembled using breakable profiles. The latter make it possible to maintain the spacing of the plates and to limit the presence of laitance to the right of the weld.
After stripping, the tear-off part of the breakable profile is removed. The plates are then welded to the extrusion.
The holes in the form spacers are also plugged with extruded HDPE pellets.
A plucked grid, made with “i” profiles, ensures the flatness of the raft and serves as a support for the installation of the plates. Concrete is poured between the pickings.


The prefabricated elements make it possible to reduce or even eliminate welding on site.
The photos below show the different setups of an 11 x 1.50 x 2 m high unloading tank, equipped with a sump (Fig. 35). This work was
totally prefabricated in a boilermaking workshop.
After having earthed, the reinforcement is placed, then the concrete slab is poured (Fig. 36). The prefabricated Ultra-GRIP element is ready to be positioned in its
location (Fig. 37). We lock the sails (Figs. 38 and 39), then we sink the walls (Fig. 40).
This unloading tank (Fig. 41) was thus installed without any welding on site.
In industry, the downtime being limited, this technique allows rapid and reliable implementation, whereas traditional solutions (resins, etc.)
must be applied to concrete with 28 days of setting and under controlled humidity.


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