The function of the sludge trap is to separate and store heavy materials (sand, gravel, sludge, food, etc.) before they pass through a grease or hydrocarbon separator.
Positioning upstream of the pre-treatment facilities to recover the heavy materials contained in the collected water.
It also allows the temperature of the water collected from the kitchens to be lowered.


The difference in density of the pollutants makes it possible to separate the undesirable products. The operation of the structure is guaranteed if it is correctly dimensioned and operated.


In order to ensure the proper functioning of these structures, it is important to carry out regular maintenance. To be able to do this properly, having an efficient provider is essential.
On the one hand, the washing areas are pumped and cleaned in order to empty them of their sludge. For this, the pits are discovered by simply removing the grids covering them.

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