What is a Septodiffuser?
Approval 2011-015. It is a compact rectangular module of 1.25 x 0.65 x 0.24 m which comprises four elements:
• A sheet of accordion-folded geotextile with a developed exchange surface of 7.5 m2
• Polyethylene partitions to maintain folds and promote air circulation
• A polyethylene frame to contain the assembly, distribute the effluent and center the distribution pipe
• A retaining clamp for the distribution pipe



The Septodiffuseur process is reserved for the purification of previously pretreated domestic wastewater, coming from individual, collective or grouped dwellings.
The Septodiffusor is installed above a spreading area, a sand filter or an infiltration mound. Its advantage is to reduce their filtration and infiltration surface.
The Septodiffuseur process combines a filtering function with an irrigating function and promotes the distribution of the effluent over the entire surface of the sand bed.
The organic matter contained in the effluent is retained by the geotextile of the Septodiffuseur which acts as a purifier.
The air circulating in the Septodiffusor causes aerobic degradation of the materials. The underlying soil or sand bed completes the treatment.


Run clear water through the upstream manhole for about 3 minutes once or twice a year.

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