• Good resistance to chlorine (up to 3 mg / l)
  • ACS certification
  • Long service life (50 years)
  • No deposit, high surface finish
  • Resistance to microbial corrosion
  • Absolutely watertight connections in the
  • Low maintenance



When concrete drinking water tanks are in very poor condition (concrete corrosion) and their rehabilitation is necessary, Hydroclick is the solution.
Many concrete tanks have been in use for many years. They deteriorate over time and no longer meet today’s stringent quality requirements.
The HYDROCLICK doubling system was developed to solve these problems. It is suitable for new installations and rehabilitations. The properties of HYDROCLICK are ideally suited for these purposes, as this product has been specially developed for the coating of ACS drinking water tanks. HYDROCLICK is made of 4mm blue PE 80, which is flexible (easier installation) and recyclable.
With HYDROCLICK there is no need to prepare the tank surface. It can be installed immediately.


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