A grease trap or a grease separator is a device intended to retain solids, fats and oils, contained in cooking water or similar.
Concerning small communities and professional facilities (housing estates, factories, schools, restaurants, hotels, delicatessens, caterers, etc.) the obligation to install grease separators results from the standard municipal health regulations and the public health code .
For this, we offer a range made of polyethylene, in accordance with standard NF EN 1825-1.



The grease-laden water enters the grease trap.
They are directed downwards to gain the separation zone. Fats lighter than water rise to the surface in the central part of the device. The water released from the fats comes out after being
passed through the outlet dip tube.


The HDPE device is insensitive to corrosion and does not require special maintenance.
The user or a cleaning company must intervene regularly, once a month (according to standard NFEN 1825-2), in order to control the quantity of stored fat and proceed, if necessary, to its scraping (by means of a dedicated skimmer for this use for example) or when the tank is completely emptied.
The collected fat will be disposed of as solid waste.
The optional grease and crude alarms will allow the user to be notified as soon as the retention capacity of either of these elements is reached.
After each complete emptying, wash the appliance and immediately fill it with clean water.

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