• Storage tanks have been designed for all overhead storage problems.
  • They are food and anti UV treated.
  • The surface of the cell support must be flat and solid.
  • Very easy to maintain, a simple rinse allows the tank to be cleaned.
  • Tank molded in one piece, without gluing or welding, therefore perfectly waterproof.
  • Excellent impact resistance, great robustness.

Rotational molding • Installation on slab – Above ground

2 types of rotomolded tanks are available:

  • Above-ground models (600 L, 1000 L, 2000 L, 3000 L, 5000 L, 6000 L, 8000L and 10000L)
  • Underground models (3000 L and 5000 L ribbed)

All the tanks are made of pre-colored green polyethylene. This polyethylene is anti-UV treated guaranteeing maximum resistance over time to our structures, food and drinking water treatment.

We also offer a 1700 L drinker very useful for agriculture and / or livestock.

It is imperative to respect the installation conditions to guarantee maximum longevity of the tanks.

Filtration set:
Generally, we suggest coupling a filtration set with a storm overflow to the tank in order to limit deposits and leaves in the bottom of the tank.

Boilerwork • Installation on slab – Above ground

The boiler water tanks are designed on the basis of black HDPE plates. They are
treated anti-uv, food and drinking water. We have standard models (see below),
but we also offer tailor-made models. Contrary to what we
might think, the water does not heat up anymore because the color is black.


Complete emptying once a year, at the end of the hot season, with cleaning and suction of deposits at the bottom of the tank, if necessary.