A neutralization filter is a device intended to neutralize battery acids that may be discharged into the network following the cleaning of a storage area or an accidental spill.



The acid-laden water enters the device through the plunger elbow. Heavy materials settle to the bottom.
The acid-laden effluent passes through the marble layer and leaves the apparatus.


It is useful to keep a register in which all checking, recharging or emptying operations are recorded. This makes it possible to justify a responsible attitude in the event of control by the authorities.
It is therefore necessary regularly:

  • Check that the pH of the liquids at the outlet corresponds to the standards imposed by the local administration.
  • Check that the quantity of marble will be sufficient to hold until the next check, fill the gap if this is not the case. If the height only reaches 25% of the load, it is necessary to replenish it with refills.
  • Check that the outflow is easy.

In addition, every 6 months, the neutralization filter must be completely drained and cleaned.
After emptying, it should be filled with clean water.


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