We offer anti-pollution booms for import. They are intended to contain pollution due to hydrocarbons, sludge, chemicals or to recover all kinds of macro-waste (plastic bottles and bags, floating debris, branches) or duckweed.


We offer a wide range of floating booms of standard length (from 10 to 30 m long) but also tailor-made with different attachment systems adapted to your needs.
Depending on the model, we offer different float diameters (100 to 400 mm) and different lengths of skirts (from 150 to 600 mm draft).


Very quick to set up, our pollution control booms can be used:
– In port area
– In estuary, in river,
– On open coastal waters
– On interior water bodies
(lake, pond, retention basin, lagoon,
wastewater treatment plant, …)

Floating booms offer rapid intervention capacity on polluted sites but can also be used on a fixed post as a preventive measure.
These containment barriers are made up of a succession of flexible closed-cell foam tubes, enclosed in waterproof envelopes in PVC coated polyester fabric. This compartmentalization allows them to follow movements on the surface of the water and their flexibility gives them excellent behavior in the wind.
Each element is equipped with handles to facilitate its implementation. Each pollution control boom is reinforced with a galvanized nautical steel ballast chain over its entire length, which absorbs the tensile forces.
Our anti-pollution floating booms offer high tear and tensile strength, as well as high resistance to hydrocarbons, fatty substances (lubricants, mineral oils, etc.) and almost all industrial chemicals and agents.


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